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Denny and Deb Yoder

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Both Den and Deb came from strong family and church backgrounds, having grown up in rural Nappanee, Indiana. They both spent their elementary through high school years there. Deb and Den started casually dating at age 13 and got married at 20. They both completed their undergraduate degrees following which Deb finished her Master’s degree in education, while Den got a law degree from Notre Dame before coming onto active duty in the Air Force as a JAG during the later part of the Vietnam war. They have six wonderful children, including a daughter they adopted in Taiwan. Much to Deb and Den’s surprise, despite Den’s Mennonite upbringing, they enjoyed the Air Force and stayed for 22 years, including 6 overseas tours. They both got further degrees while in the Air Force. Following the AF, they moved to Colorado Springs and Den got a position with a Christian non-profit ministry, International Students, Inc. (ISI). Deb kept fully engaged with teaching art classes, serving as an elementary school teacher and a principal. Den then retired from ISI and went into a family law practice for several years before semi-retiring. Both Den and Deb have remained actively involved in church life with Deb leading the art group at church and Den serving as the senior elder of Mountain Springs church for a number of years. Recently Den and Deb returned to MSC at the the request of MSC leadership to serve part time as MSC Senior Adult Ministry Co-Coordinators. They are much enjoying the opportunity to serve our fellow seniors in ministry.

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Thursdays at 6:30 pm | Sundays at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 am

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