Kimberly Parsons

Family Life Pastor

Get to Know Kimberly Parsons

Kimberly seems to be one of the few people living in Colorado who was actually born here. We know, she’s a rare one! Her dad was in the military so she did see a couple different parts of the country growing up but has been settled on her 7 acres of land in Falcon for over 28 years now. In her free time, Kimberly loves to spend time with her husband of over 30 years, Dave, gardening or hanging out with her four grandbabies (we’re sure she also loves to be with her three grown kids but we know where the importance lies when grandkids come along!). Kimberly has been part of the Mountain Springs Church staff since 2004 and loves seeing people of all ages realize that God loves them, Jesus saved them and the Holy Spirit can lead them. She spends the better part of her week and weekend pouring into people of all ages.

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Thursdays at 6:30 pm | Sundays at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 am

Thursdays at 6:30 pm | Sundays at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 am

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